Ancestors Mantle




Our ancestors are the back bone of who we are. They walked this land, they toiled its sod, told their stories, they lived, they loved and left their mark. They are the pull that keeps us grounded to this place, they are the yearn to make, to repurpose, to create with what you have, to celebrate and to remember with pride.

Many layers of repurposed, float glass are slumped into a hand built mould. They are assembled in such a way to represent the build up of time and evolution. They are then fired over 72 hours at a slow but steady pace, ensuring their silhouettes are not lost but bound together. An assembly of selected objects lost to time are then brought together. Each needing the other to survive and stand tall. Weathered Black Thorn, already sculpted by time and a small piece of a cast iron bed head marry to create a gentle mantel for the glass to rest.

Measurements 600mm x 430mm x 300mm

Created by Irish glass artist, Tracey Mc Verry at White Rock Glass Studio. Nestled in the rolling hills of South Armagh at her 5th generation family homestead, Tracey creates kiln formed glass artworks inspired heavily by her natural surroundings, the unique geological aspects of South Armagh and the strong connection with neolithic sites across the landscape of her native homeland.

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