Green Spiral




Ancient Irish civilisations believed the spiral to symbolise the sun and light. It was a sacred symbol which resonates in today’s contemporary society. The spiral symbolises the consciousness of nature starting from the centre and expanding outwardly. The spiral represents life, creation, birth, rebirth, evolution and growth. Layers of fused glass with coloured glass inclusions are encased in an open front box frame, each piece of glass is raised to allow the transference of light and to encourage touch.

Measurements 500mm x 230mm x 30mm

Created by Irish glass artist, Tracey Mc Verry at White Rock Glass Studio. Nestled in the rolling hills of South Armagh at her 5th generation family homestead, Tracey creates kiln formed glass artworks inspired heavily by her natural surroundings, the unique geological aspects of South Armagh and the strong connection with neolithic sites across the landscape of her native homeland.

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