Raised on your Brow




Found objects often sit in my studio for many years, waiting to be repurposed and cherished once more. Many have been unearthed from the ditches or the ground on which I stand. My ancestors burial place of artefacts no longer needed, discarded and broken. Occasionally something very special reveals itself and in a strange way, speaks to me; tells me its purpose.

Raised on my Brow is a special piece that made its presence known quite quickly when I began retelling its story through glass. It was the first in a series of a sculptural glass technique that allowed me to build on my roots. In response to a unique pewter bowl which I found a couple of years prior, I began building glass in stack formation. Layers of recycled float glass where stacked within a hand made mould, jagged and curved, butted together like a dry stone ditch. One needing the other for support and strength, yet fragile if something was off balance. My ancestral home sits on the brow of a hill, on ‘The Rock’. It is an open spot with only the trees protecting us from the sharp East wind. The upturned structure underneath the glass represents the ‘brow’ and raised on top are the many layers that make up my heritage.

Measurements: 400mm x 400mm x 300mm

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