Dawn Vessel




Our ancient ancestors associated the evergreen Scotts Pine with the coming of the sun after the dark winter. Together with the yew tree, it was one of the twins of the Winter Solstice. The yew represented the death of the old while the pine embodied the birth of the new. This piece of gnarled and weather worn Scotts Pine resided in my studio for many years. It had a sculptural presence with an air of strength and longevity. On an early late winters morning I studied this beautiful piece of wood contemplating how I it could be resurrected.

Layers of fused glass and small coloured glass particles balanced in the crook of the wood allowed the piece to come to life once more. Resonating with the lost inner core of the tree but celebrating the promise of the new dawn of spring, in colour and light.

Measurements: 450mm x 150mm x 300mm

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